Go Movers (2018 Exam) Student's Book with MP3 Audio CD

Updated for the Revised 2018 Cambridge English: Starters / Movers / Flyers TestsGo Starters / Movers / Flyers are courses preparing students for the YLE Tests.
ISBN: 9786180519433
Author: H.Q. Mitchell, Marileni Malkogianni
Page: 95
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2018
Format: Pack (Book + 1 Audio CD)
Level: A1+
Language: English
Ages: 10-14 years

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Key Features:
• 14 topic-based Units practising Grammar and Vocabulary through activities in the format of the YLE Starters / Movers / Flyers Tests
• Four tests in a reduced format
• One Final Test in the exact layout of the Test
• Object Cards cut-outs
• An alphabetical Word List at the back of the Student's Book
• Teacher's notes (included in the 2nd Class CD/CD-ROM)


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