Dian and the Gorillas with Audio Download - Oxford Dominoes Level 3

When Dian Fossey first saw a family of wild mountain gorillas in the Virungas she knew that she must help these wonderful animals.
ISBN: 9780194639774
Author: Norma Shapiro
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2019
Format: Book
Level: B1
Language: English
Ages: 10-14 years

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This true story tells of the twenty years she lived with them, watched them, wrote about them, and protected them. In the end, she gave her life for them. Dominoes is a full-colour, interactive readers series that offers students a fun reading experience while building their language skills. With integrated activities, and exciting, fully dramatized audio for every story, the new edition of the series makes reading motivating for students while making it easy for you to develop their reading and language skills.


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