Busy Day Dominoes - Let's Play in English (Társasjáték)

The game can be played both at school and at home. The teacher can decide to use the game to practise either the present, past or future forms depending on the level of the class.
ISBN: 9788881483006
Formátum: Társasjáték
Szint: A2-B1
Nyelv: angol
Korosztály: 14-18 évig

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Ár: 6 525 Ft

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Starting with the beginning card and following the usual domino rules, the players need to combine the illustrated picture with the description in the written form, conjugating the verb into the required tense (past-present-future) and with the corresponding person (3rd person singular or plural) peogressively reconstruct a day on the life of the family Johnson. The player who correctly inserts all their cards is the winner. The teacher's booklet contains suggestions for a wide variety of other ways touse the cards, a list of the verbs in the game and their relative conjugations.


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